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SRD-48 is a 48 channel network/optical fiber dimmer rack suitable for TV studios, theater halls and conference centers with a capacity of 24 dimmer modules. Each dimmer module supports two dimmers of maximum 6KW output per channel. SRD-48 accommodates sine wave modules in addition to phase control and relay modules.


– Quick start up in less than 20 seconds

– 48 dimmer outputs, maximum 6KW per dimmer

– Built-in ethernet controller support with remote setting and monitoring

– Optical fiber, RJ45, DMX port and Art Net interface can re ceive two or more channels of standard DMX

– Can receive four simultaneous control signals from the console

– Auto voltage compensation

– Load recording to check actual power compensation of each dimmer

– Intelligent fan control

– Feedback function to monitor the dimmer module status

– On-site dimming function, backup cue recording, editing and play back with more than 99 cues

– Minimum of 20 user defined dimming curves (11-99%)

– 48 x 6KW output
– Large LCD display for monitoring system parameters
– Support VST, phase control module, relay module, mix con trol module in one dimmer rack
– With 10 fixed dimming curves and user default curve con venient for various shows
– On/Off control value of channel can be set from 1 to 99%
– Adjustable maximum output value
– Ethernet controller inbuilt for ART-net, CAN and status reporting
– Control and status feedback via Ethernet network
– Output Voltage stable automatically as input voltage is changed
– Two 12 bit process trigger card for backup
– Optical coupler insulation technology for DMX signal input
– Fan speed adjusted automatically depending on internal temperature
– Dual DMX receiving
– HTP and priority for DMX signal

  • control panel

  • input & output