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LSL 200 utilizes LED’s with a high CRI factor, which make it a light fixture with a long life, exceptional performance and enhanced light efficiency. It provides perfect lighting for applications in TV studios, conference rooms, stage and multi-purpose halls.
Compared to other soft LED lights, LSL 200 has the following advantages:
-Heat compensation to control the LED module temperature
-Excellent light propagation and efficiency due to the lenses mounted on each LED module
-TLD (Tungsten-like Dimmer) factor with a high detailed dimmer circuitr


-New housing and electronic design with smaller size and reduced heat output as much as 30% less than the previous models (LSL 100/200/400)

-New curved heat radiator design with high efficiency natural cooling system which maintains the temperature of the device constant even after five hours of continuous operation

-Easily mounted adjustable barn door

-CRI factor higher than 85 suitable for TV and studio applications

-Operation life time over 30,000 hours

-Up to 50% energy saving compared to regular fluorescent light

-Enhanced light projection without production of unwanted radiation

-No overflowed image in case of appearing within the camera shot

-Adjustable light intensity for various requirements in different lighting applications

-Integrated dimmer which eliminates the need to use an external dimmer

Input Voltage 100 ~ 220 v AC 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power 200 W
Lamp LED 3200° K / 5600° K
CRI > 85
Operation Temperature 20° ~ 50°
Weight 10 Kg


LSL- 200 (LED)