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This LED projector is designed for both studio and portable applications. TV studios, exhibition venues, museums, amphitheaters and other indoor sites are the main users of this product.


  • Compact, portable, flexible, intelligent design and durable are some of the main features of LFS-200
  • 16 bit microprocessors provide for smooth and adjustable dimming function
  • Operation frequency between 500 Hz and 25000 Hz is suitable for all working conditions
  • Easy control and command of the product with integrated LCD touch display
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Power Consumption 250w ( Max )
Color Rendering Index ̶ 96
Television Lighting Consistency Index 97
Color Temperature 3200K/5600K
Zooming Scale 15-55°
Dimming Frequency 500HZ-25000HZ optional
Dimmer 0-100٪linearly adjustable
Dimming Curve 4 kinds
DMX Channel 1/2CH
Control Mode DMX/RDM
LED Life Time over 50,000 hours
Enviroment Temperature -30°C-40°C
Net Weight 9.2kg
  • Photometric Data

  • Spectrum & CRI

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