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P90 is a two-stage pedestal which is designed to support camera/lens combination up to 90 Kg, covering the entire range of studio and OB configurations. The system is compact and portable, and the 2-stage column performs an on-shot stroke of 77 cm. with a smooth and precise movement. The sturdy and yet lightweight dolly is equipped with high precision double wheels interlocked by a special designed chain allowing accurate traveling and steering.


– Crab Position for wheels allows passage of P90 from narrow doorways
– All operating devices and control displays at easy access of cameraman
– Pneumatic column works on simple compressed air
– Innovative design of the Piston avoids complicated balance setting with no need for any counter weights.
– Suitable for all flat base heads, 4-bore holes heads or other bowl based heads

Maximum pressure 13 atm (187 psi)
Maximum capacity 90 Kg
Total weight 50 Kg
On-shot stroke 77 cm
Dolly leg radius 80 cm
Steering wheel diameter 57.5 cm
Minimum height 66 cm
Maximum height 143 cm
Wheels 3x Double
Wheels diameter 125 cm
Doorway tracking width 80 cm