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The Tour guide system is comprised of high quality transmitters and receivers for various applications such as tour visit to factories and industrial centers, tourist sites and sport events. The audio output from the receiver is accessible through all the headphones with a 3.5 mm connector.
The Tour guide System has been designed such that a tour leader can speak at a normal audio level in a noisy environment, and all the Visitors can hear him clearly.
Due to the high frequency transmitters and their digital signal processing, the quality of the sound is like the original sound of the speaker, and there is no interference in the audio signals.
The system integrates 16 frequency channels and therefore 16 systems can operate at close range from each other. For instancein a historical tourist site ,16 tour leaders can guide their groups in close proximity without any interference, or several translators can do simultaneous translation together at the same location. There is no limit on the number of the tour members or listeners.

  • Receiver

    Modulation PLL
    Frequency Stability ± 0.005 %
    Frequency range 798 - 830 MHz.
    Frequency band 32 MHz
    Output Impedance ≥ 16 Ω
    Maximum deviation ± 48 kHz
    Receiver mode Single channel adjust
    Signal to noise 78 dB
    Output power 2x35 mW
    Frequency response 80 Hz. to 15 KHz
    Output connector 3.5 mm. mono
    Battery 2xAA
    Operation Current 120 mA
    Antenna connector Fixed
  • Mics-Headphone

BW 500