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In studios with height of the ceiling varying from 5 to 7.5 meters, studio pantographs are an efficient solution for precise positioning of lighting, audio and video equipment. Due to their light weight compared to other products, these telescopes exert much less force and minimal structural stress on the ceiling and the structure beams. MAP-250-600 is made from special light weight aluminum extrude alloy, and it is strong and resilient against physical tensions.
The finishing paint is of high quality and stable powder coating. Guiding plates on top and bottom of the pantograph provide stability, and precise alignment of the two longitudinal axles prevent radial deviation of the pantograph when extended.
The power cord is secured by three guiding points in each segment, therefore the power cable is not pinched or damaged.
All pantographs have self locking drive and abide by industrial safety standards (BGV C1 and DIN 15560 T46).

Weight – 700 13.5 Kg
 Load capacity 30 Kg
Supporting cable diameter ø 2 mm
Length in folded position 560/660 mm/s
Diameter of base 29 mm



MAP 250-600