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Chalak is a special combination dolly system which is compatible with the requirements of the human body such that the cameraman can comfortably shoot a scene during the horizontal movement (on rails or tracks) in addition to a rotational movement of 360 degrees around the axis of the camera. With Chalak, the cameraman can easily capture the quick action in sport events such as football, tennis, track and field, cycling, motorbiking and car racing. The movement of camera and chair are independent from each other, and the vibrations from the chair and the cameraman movements are not transfered to the camera. Due to the stability of the system, one can also obtain satisfying shots from a near distance.

Assembly of the Dolly is done quickly, and no special tools are required. By changing the track wheels with air-filled wheels, one can switch operation of the Dolly from tracks to the floor. Hence, Chalak can be operated in various environments and applications. The pulling lever can be installed on either side of the Dolly so that the assistant can safely stay out of the screen shot.

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