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BRH-300 Robotic Head has been designed based on speed, precision and the weight of the camera which it can hold. Based on such parameters, it has been classified as a Head that can carry large cameras and lenses with accurate motion control.


Compact and versatile design of BRH-300 makes it perfect for 360 degree rotations on all types of cranes, dollies, tripods and ceiling mounts inside studios;


Due to its adjustable arms, BRH-300 can be used for shooting videos and images with various types of cameras and lenses either remotely or with cable control.


  • Remote capturing of images and pictures
  • Complete control of the Head and camera remotely
  • High quality image and picture recording
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Maximum payload of 18 Kg
  • Capable of using any type of camera and lens with no limitations


  • Accurate performance of the commands by the mechanical gearbox without any vibrations
  • Optimum flexibility in motion of the system via two integrated internal motors
  • Automatic finding of the main system position
  • Designed for shooting in HD and 4K applications
Power 24v Power Supply
Current Consuption 0.5 Amps typical stationary 3 Amps typical accelerating
Mximum Motor Power 126w
Weight 18Kg
Mximum Camera Weight 25Kg
Torque 47Nm
Speads 360 angles in 3 sec
Control Protocol Serial
  • Control Box

    BRH-301 can be programmed and controlled via a remote control or a personal computer;