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The DM-6KW dimmer module has a 6KW power output, and is normally installed in 48, 72 or 96 channel dimmer racks.
The output is in a double form, and it utilizes phase control technology.


– Overload short-circuit protection integrate with association of fuses and breakers
– Shut off type mechanical
– Insulation voltage (open circuit): 2.5 KV; (long term) 5 KV/1 min
– Impulse withstand Uimp = 6 KV (1.2/50us)
– Technology: Trailing edge
– Rise time: 260us / 280us optional Technical Specification

Type 1 Phase
Output voltage 0-240 v +5% / -10%
Maximum acceptable instant voltage 600 v (100 µs)
Output Power 2×3 Kw
Output Current 16 A / 3 Kw
Maximum acceptable short circuit current at each output terminal 4.5 Kg
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    Leading-edge dimmers are typically lower cost and so are more widely used whereas trailing–edge dimmers exhibit lower EMI and are preferred in some markets (notably Europe) and noise sensitive environments.