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BCP 1695 is a state of the art Digital Mobile Cinema unit designed for playing latest movies at locations where a standard Cinema Hall or theater is not accessible to audiences. Advanced encryption and secure communication and playback protocols ensure the safe distribution of latest movies with full copy right protections. The system is light weight and easily portable. An operator can set up the system in less than five minutes. The accompanying large movie screen and speakers can also be ready for play in less than 30 minutes. The operation of the unit can be controlled either locally or remotely from a Central Server. The original movie is transferred to BCP1695 through internet via a secure and encoded communication protocol. From the Central Server, one can define and control various playback options. The number of times a movie should be played and the days and hours which the movie is played can all be defined and programmed from the Central Server. The management software on the Central Server allows for online monitoring of BCP1695. Managers can obtain routine reports on the title of movies and the dates and times which they have been played. BCP1695 is ideal for small towns and villages which do not have access to standard Cinema Halls and whose population miss the opportunity of watching the latest releases on the silver screen. Because of its secure copyright protections, BCP1695 can bring the latest movie releases to remote locations which previously had no access to them. BCP1695 can also be used for private showings of latest movies at hotels, colleges, care centers, prisons, schools, etc. The complete package comes with sturdy transportation boxes which easily fit in a pickup truck.


• Management Software on Central Server

• Integrated Movie Play out Software

• Uploading of movies and content via internet, LAN, USB Flash Memory, Hard Disk

• 7 ” Touch LC Display Control Panel

• Remote control of the number of times and schedule of movie playback

• Defining the valid time span for movie playback

• Tracking of physical movements of the system via GPS tracking system

• Online and SMS Alert on opening or intruding the hardware system

• Hardware Dongle Copy/Playback protection of movies

• Dedicated encoding and hardware/software Playback protection

• Protection from Playback of movies on other Video Projectors and devices

• Music play via USB port

• Microphone input for audio announcements

• HDMI port for video play out

System Interface

• Ethernet LAN port

• USB port • HDMI

• Speak phone audio output

• Microphone input

• USB music/audio play

• Audio input

Video Projector

• 5,000 ANSI Luman JVC Video Projector with High Contrast Ratio

• High-definition 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution

• High Quality Images with DLP® Technology

• 1.6 x Wide zoom ratio

• 2x HDMI, PC, Component, Composite Video input

• USB, LAN, RS-232 interface ports

• HDCP compliance

Mini Player

• Intel Mini PC player

• 120 GB Hard Disk

• 4 GB Ram

• 1.6 GHz. Pentium CPU

• 7″ LCD Touch display with HDMI and VGA input

Audio Amplifier

• Intel Mini PC player

• 120 GB Hard Disk

• 4 GB Ram

• 1.6 GHz. Pentium CPU

• 7″ LCD Touch display with HDMI and VGA input

GPS System

• Integrated GPS tracker system

• Power supply bank

  • Accessories

     • Large Movie Screen (500 x 280 cm) with carrying case

    • Foldable Screen stand with carrying flight case

    • Tripod with adjustable height for BCP1695 Player with soft bag

    • Two 150 W speakers with flight case

    • Two speaker stands with soft carrying case

    • 2x audio cable (20 m.)

    • LAN cable (2 m.)

    • HDMI cable (2 m.)

    • Audio cable (2 m.)

BCP 1695