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In studios with height of the ceiling varying from 7.5 to 12 meters, studio telescopes are an efficient solution for precise positioning of lighting, audio and video equipment. Due to their light weight compared to other products, these telescopes exert much less force and minimal structural stress on the ceiling and the structure beams.
MOT-700-1200 is made from special light weight aluminum extrude alloy, and it is strong and resilient against physical tensions. The finishing paint is of high quality and stable powder coating.


– Compact size in folded position
– Motorized vertical movement with dynamically self-lock ing drive.
– Manual and motorized (optional) horizontal movement
– Customized final extension length as per request
– Minimum radial deviation of less than -/+ 2 degrees
– Magnetic and electrical sensors assure operational safety
– Configurable as per requirements of the lighting engineer
– Instant activation of memory and chase feature

Weight 45 Kg
 Load capacity MOT-700 60 Kg
Load capacity MOT-1200 50 Kg
Supporting cable diameter ø 2.8 mm
footprint of external tube 120×68 mm
Lifting speed 135 mm/s
Length in folded position 950 mm
Diameter of base 29 mm
Motor 3×230 v / 400 v ; 50Hz ; 0.4 KVA
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MOT 700-1200