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Our control panel model P-PCS is designed for position control of drop arms in horizontal and vertical directions.
Operation of the control panel is designed to be easy and straight forward such that one can learn it after trying it once.
P-PCS uses RS-485 protocol to control up to 512 drop arms.

Data communication frequency: 443 Mhz
Range of data transfer without error: : indoor 70 M
Free Field:250M

  • P - PCS

    Since communication between P-PCS and the devices is carried out through only one single cable; therefore, substantial savings in cost of cabling is obtained compared to traditional studios.

  • R-PCS

    To meet the needs of lighting engineers in studio environments, Besat has designed R-PCS, a wireless radio controlled panel.
    Operator can use this device to individually control the position of drop arms inside a studio in horizontal and vertical directions.