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The film and television floodlight We use the national standard of high-quality anodized aluminum mirror as cellulite reflector, asymmetric optical curve, high reflectivity, high illumination, spot illumination distribution, compact high-pressure cast aluminum structure, with double air channel heat sink, increasing the heat convection exchange, to achieve reliable cooling effect, eight hours of continuous use lampholder keeping the temperature below 200 ℃, configure high temperature, shock of explosion-proof glass, safe and reliable.

Widely used in television studio, filming and stage backdrop, to screen, soft King, King and other hard light cloth, cloth color use, but also for meeting the lighting system.

Item TTSL 400
Voltage AC220V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 500W
Color Temperature 3200K
Match Bulb Specifications 500W R7S
Measurement(L×W×H) 310×160×160(mm)
Net Weight 2.8kg
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TTSL 400