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In studios with height of the ceiling varying from 5 to 7.5 meters, studio drop arms are an efficient solution for precise positioning of lighting, audio and video equipment. Due to their light weight compared to other products, these telescopes exert much less force and minimal structural stress on the ceiling .

MAFT107 is made from special lightweight aluminum extrude alloy, and it is strong and resilient against physical tensions.

The telescope internal ratchet structure locks the light during downward sliding. It is small-sized, compact, simple to operate, and convenient to adjust.


  • Aluminium alloy stretch tubes, small-sized and compact.
  • Ratchet and Pawl structures, constant performances and simple operations.
  • Constant Force Spring makes deployment of light at any height easy,convenient,fast, and precise.
  • Easy installation and dismount for length setting
Weight 4.5KG
Load capacity 4-20KG
Maximum Length 6000mm
Minimum Length 1100mm
Maximum Stretching Length 4900mm
Length 1-7m, 0.5m different each model


MAFT 107