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DBIR-48 is a digital audio mixer which is manufactured by Besat Industrial Group under license of Lawo, Germany. With the help of advanced software tools, this audio mixer can be utilised by radio and TV studios for both on-air or production applications.Modular technology design of the system also allows for the console to be adapted from small to large studios.Operators can use the powerful software features to configure the console according to the equirements of individual users or studios.


– Wordclock input and internal generator
– Optional MADI
– Supported sample rates 48 KHz or 44.1 KHz

Configuration and Maintenance

– Software for system configuration and logic
– programming
– Integrated web server for system diagnosis
– Software upgrade via web
– Remote maintenance via VPN/ISDN

– Operation within IP-based audio automation systems
– Compatible with all types of work flows with the help of Vistool software
– Various applications and multi-layered tasks with the use of motorized faders
– Supports Surround 5.1 in live audio broadcasts

  • Control

    - Programmable logic core of Fader Start, Redlight, Program Switch, T/B integration, etc.
    - Two possible PFL buses
    - Simulcast production of surround and stereo
    - Serial interface for operation in radio automation
    - Optional MIDI interface for interaction with various types of DAW
    - Control of console parameters via touch screen (Vistool)
    - Optional Graphic matrix control (NovaConnect)
    - External matrix control interface


    - Modular design with up to 40 faders
    - Motorized 4-piece 100 mm fader modules
    - Multi-layered possible operation
    - Possibler to install on all types of consoles
    - Easy access with core unit
    - Panel extendible with additional control panels
    - Vistool touch screen software

  • Interface

    - Mic/Line Analog input
    - Headphone output
    - AES/EBU (AES3) with and without sampling rate converter (SRC)
    - ADAT
    - HD/SD SDI (embedded audio)
    - Serial Data Transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI)
    - Optional up to 4 MADI ports on the master board
    - IP codec
    - GPIO


    - Ease of operation
    - Small size
    - Direct access to all audio parameters
    - Flexible
    - Reliable in live and On-air broadcasts

  • Rack

    - Can be installed in a 19” rack with the height of 3U or 6U
    - Modular system design for installation of various I/O cards
    - Main mother board with centralised signal processing
    - Integrated Matrix with 384 inputs and outputs
    - Independent PC operation without need for external cooling
    - Redundant Power supply