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About Besat Group

Besat was established in 1985 with the aim of supplying, manufacturing and providing services in the field of office equipment and audio/video products. In the early years, the first manufacturing project at Besat was the design and production of its Language Laboratory System, and gradually it expanded its product range. Over time as additional investment was made in procuring machinery for industrial manufacturing and mound making, Besat succeeded in setting up production lines for various professional products.In the past two decades, Besat has achieved local manufacturing of many products as a step forward in the direction of national industrial and scientific self sufficiency. These products include, for example, special printers for banking and passport applications under license of IER from France, Cheque Embossers for banks; Camera Tripods and Pedestals under license of Cartoni from Italy, and Audio Mixing Consoles and digital Audio Recorders under license of Otari, Japan.In 1992, as the number of national TV stations was increasing in Iran and the demand for studio equipment and hardware by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) was expanding, Besat Industrial Group opened its Broadcasting Systems division in close cooperation with renouned and credible international companies. The new division was responsible for import, sales and manufacturing of professional audio and video equipment for radio and TV studios and also manufacturing of camera support systems for cinema and film applications.With the introduction of the new IT based technology to broadcast equipment and the new digital world, significant changes were made in the hardware and the equipment that was needed in TV studios. Close cooperation between Besat and more than twenty famous European and Japanese companies in the form of exclusive representation and the industrial potentials at Besat Industrial Group were the catalysts which lead to several local manufacturing projects under license of internationalcompanies.Currently, with the help of God Almighty, seventy different products in the related fields are manufactured and produced at Besat factory. Over the years, Besat has exhibited in several specialized international fairs such as CEBIT, in Germany, IBC in Holland, and GITEX and CABSAT in Dubai. As a result of such exhibitions, Besat has succeeded in exporting its products to several countries such as UAE, Nigeria, Italy, Pakistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Finland, Venezuela, Jordan, Lebanon and Rwanda. Additionally, many of our products have been in daily operation in numerous radio and TV stations in Tehran and various cities across Iran for the past two decades.Extensive manufacturing activity and professional high quality products plus timely support and services to our customers was the reason Besat was presented with the Special Award at the First Broadcast Manufacturing Seminar at Zibakenar in 2009

It was in the last century that human intellect blossomed, and human mind in search of pure science and exploration of the universe conquered many great peaks. With such a perspective, then, human intellect is the source for wealth, activity, change and development in the society. Limitations in resources makes it necessary that scientific thinking and generation of knowledge become top priorities in our endeavors in order to achieve maximum added value. In this respect, if a society accepts scientific thinking as a principle, it can then achieve sustained and comprehensive development through key strategies which are based on intellect and scientific method.Besat Broadcasting Systems Co., in pursuit of its visionary goals, has embarked on an ambitious challenge to conquer the highest peaks of manufacturing and production based on international standards, compatible with the latest scientific and research oriented advances in the field of broadcasting. As such, we hope Besat will be a mere drop in the vast sea of broadcasting industry in our beloved country, Iran.I would like to invite all the distinguished experts in the field of cinema and broadcasting to assist us in this long endeavor with their wisdom and their critique.