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TFL-650 is a durable studio spot lighting fixture with a sturdy Aluminum extrude housing which is manufactured from high quality material. The combination of the Fresnel lens which is manufactured in Germany together with the Aluminum anodized barndoors provide a superb and uniform lighting output. The projection angle of the light and its homogeneity can be controlled with the help of two gearbox controlled levers.
Technical features and standard quality of TFL-650 make it a perfect product for studio and professional applications.


– Lamp
– Safety belt
– leaf barndoor
– Filter holder

Power 650 W
Voltage 220 V
Diameter of the Fresnel lens 130 mm
Diameter of the Lamphead 197 mm
Weight 5.4 Kg
Lamp 650 W SE 3200° k
Lamp base GY 9.5
Diameter of Lamp Holder base 28 mm
Maximum temperature on the surface of the Lamphead 180° C
Maximum enviromental temperature 45° C
Minimum distance of the subject from Lamphead 1 m
Minimum distance of inflammable material from Lamphead 0.5 m
Operation temperature (+45°  C) (-45°  C)


  • DESIGN Layout

    Lighting studio sample : 4.5x6m