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Ideal for supporting ENG dockable camcorders for EFP cameras equipped with long focal lenses and top mounted viewfinders, the Delta is manufactured with an extensive use of ultra-light magnesium alloy.
The fully variable counterbalance system is designed to accommodate offset payloads of 22 Kg. ensuring excellent performances at any tilt angle. The Delta features a continuously adjustable fluid damping mechanism providing extremely smooth and precise camera movements. Powered by a 9 V. battery, two digital displays indicate the counterbalance and tilt drag values, while an illuminated spirit level allows easy setup even in low light conditions.

Payload capacity 22 Kg
Weight 3.5 Kg
Pan range 360°
Tilt range ±90°
Counterbalance (+70°) / (-60° c)
Fluid drag countinuous
Bowl diameter Flat Mitchell 100 mm
Temp. range (-40°) / (+60° c)
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