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Besat Group

Besat was established in 1985 with the aim of supplying, manufacturing and providing services in the field of office equipment and audio/video products. In the early years, the first manufacturing project at Besat was the design and production of its Language Labratory System, and gradually it expanded its product range. Over time as additional investment was made in procuring machinary for industrial manufacturing and mould making Besat succeeded in setting up production lines for various professional products.In the past two decades, Besat has achieved local manufacturing of many products as a step forward in the direction of national industrial and scientific self sufficiency. These products include, for example, special printers for banking and passport applicaions under license of IER from France, Cheque Embossers for banks; Camera Tripods and Pedestals under license of Cartoni from Italy, Audio Mixing Consoles and digital Audio Recorders under license of Otari, Japan, and On-Air digital Audio Mixers from LAWO, Germany.

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